Abberley Sleep Sack

Sizes – 5 sizes – Widths 15″ to 24″ , length  of main sack 25″ to 34″
Yarn weight –  Chunky
Quantity – Between 265m and 550m
Needles – 8mm  (US 11)
Gauge/Tension – 13  st. x 18 row = 4″
Yarn used in Sample –  Unbranded Pure British Wool

Download pattern from Ravelry – Pattern  £2.40 ( inc vat)

Buy Direct – Pattern £2.00 (no vat) – PDF  e-mailed within 24hrs

This baby’s sleeping sack / papoose comes in 5 sizes starting at newborn. Knitted in one piece (including button bands), there is only one short seam along the top edge of the hood.

Short rows along the bottom edge gives a curved finish with a fold line that helps keep its shape.

A fold down top edge covers the top buttons, stopping any potential chewing or sucking.

Knitted on 8mm needles in bulky / Chunky yarn, its the perfect quick knit for a short notice baby shower or early arrival.

Sample shown is size small and has the optional fleece lining.

Approx overall sizes – Length /Width – 25”/15½”, 27”/17”, 28”/19”, 31”/21½”, 34”/23½”

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  • E mail Question from customer.
    Help! I just finished Section A of the Abberly Sleep Sack. I am confused about starting Section B.

    The pattern says that the sleep sack is knitted all in one piece, but how can knitting the short rows next for Section B make the curve reversed for the front?

    Can you please clarify for me?. . .I’m really stuck!

  • Morning xxx,

    I hope this will help with your concerns.

    It is knitted in one piece, the rs purl line at the end of section A gives you a fold line along the bottom of the sack.

    The short rows push down the middle of the row to form the curve, repeating the way you formed the curve on the front for the back may seem odd but it dose work.

    Be brave, give it a go, it will work.

    Hope this helps, get back to me if you have any other issue.

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