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How to start top down triangular shawl ….

Many Scarfs, Shawls and Kerchiefs that are knitted top down and are triangular start with a garter tab cast on.

Which if you are not familiar with can look very complicated, when in fact it is a simple technique that can stand you in good stead for lots of projects.

I’ve been asked by a few uses if I can produce a guide on this method…so here goes…..Here is a step by step guide to mastering the technique.

In this example we are going to cast on 5 stitches, many patterns call for 2 or 3 and some up to 20 or 30 dependant on the design, but the principal remains the same.

Take your chosen yarn and needles and cast on 5 stitches…

Work 5 rows in garter stitch (knit all stitches on all rows). We are calling the edge these stitches are on ‘A’.

…at the end on your 5th row, place a stitch maker, now you are now going to pick up 5 stitches along the edge ‘B’.

…you now have 10 stitches.

…next place another stitch marker and pick up 5 stitches along edge ‘C’, this is your original cast on edge. this can be a little fiddly if you are using fine yarn.

…you now have 15 stitches and will be ready to commence your chosen design.

In this picture the stitches are split onto 2 needles, it shows the work you have done creates a small triangle from which to work, this is often called a garter tab.

Leicester Shawl

As you can see from the samples above, they both have a garter stitch edges, but the design looks very different as the number of stitches picked up and worked vary.

Many thanks for viewing my update and I look forward to seeing you in Instagram.

Deb (The Dizzy Tyke)

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Autumn Glowing and needles Clicking…Christmas is coming…

 Well Autumn has well and truly arrived in sunny Worcestershire. To help keep you busy and get ready for those cold winter nights I’ve got 2 new Shawl patterns being Launched this month. The Madresfield and Eckington.

But before that we’ve got to mention the “Christmas Word” as we knitter know you have to start your preparation early. it get you started I’ve created a FREE pattern for a quick easy cute babies

Christmas themed Vest Top. The Lulsley  Vest Top PDF can be down loaded now.




The Madresfield, named after not only a local village but also a grand house that befits this design. its a shorter shawl that not only suitable for wearing over winter layers but also ideal for popping over you shoulder when sat watching the world go by, whilst knitting your winter projects . Knitted on 3.5 mm  (US4) needles, this sample is made in British Wool Marketing Board ‘Platinum’ Certified Organic Blue Faced Leicester from Wooltops,  but any yarn knitting to the same gauge will work perfectly well.
It has no complicated stitch patterns and can be made with or without the bead detail. Its knitted in one piece in  double knit yarn, you’ll soon see it growing before your eyes. 




Also out later this month is the Eckington Shawl. This bright , warm and versatile shawl would look perfect with that special evening wear at pre Christmas Parties or be just as home on Christmas Day walks.
This lace Weight shawl knitted in one piece and uses short rows to create distinctive shaping. Open lacework is interspersed with bands containing beads in 3 sizes.
Knitted on 3.5 mm  (US4) needles, this sample is  in Araucania Botany Lace and Rowan Finest 4 ply, but any yarn knitting to the same gauge will work perfectly well.
The finished size when blocked are 76” long,  and the width is 8” at ends and 18” at center.

Happy Knitting.

Deb…….the Dizzy Tyke