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My processes to create Exclusive Artisan Handmade cushions ….

As my past and present customers are aware here at Dizzy Tyke Designs, I make all of the cushions covers here in my studio.

Heres a little insight into the processes I undertake to create my exclusive designs and how the cushions covers are produced.

Stage 1 – Create Design Element

Using the BROTHER PE design program I create a design that represents the picture I want to create. Ensuring the peaces are attached in the correct order and stitches give the desired effect. this is then uploaded into the sewing machine ready for sewing.

If you have an idea for a pattern and its not available, drop me a line and if its something quirky for you I can give you costings, if its something I could add to my web site I can always look to absorb the cost fo the design element away from the price.

Stage 2 – Fabrics

I try to use repurposed but new fabrics where possible. Many of the cover fronts are excess stock curtains. Whist the backs vary from good quality cotton sheeting, blackout backing curtains and curtain linings.

A lot of the appliqué materials are offcuts for a local upholstery manufactur

Creating card templates of each design element allows fabrics to be selected and cut to correct shapes before they are sewn into place.

Stage 3 – The Machine

I use a Brother PX1050x machine which hold up to 10 colours at any time.

Once fabrics have been chosen threads come next, whether I’m looking for contrast or harmony I have a wide selection of Kingstar polyester threads to choose from. they are them loaded onto the machines and threaded ready for sewing.

Stage 4 – stitch out design

Then starts the process of stitching out the design. Once all the elements are stitched in place. The edges are embroidered in a zigzag stitch to stop edges fraying.

Stage 5 – Create the cushion.

The backs are cut to shape raw edges overlocked and a zip attached under an overlap to conceal it on the finished cushion. The Zip is typically placed 2/3 inches from the bottom of the cushion on the back.

However, some cushions are created using the envelope style and have buttons forming part of the design on the front.

The back and front are then sewn together and lastly the edges are overlocked to prevent fraying.

Stage8 – Finishing

The covers are then checked over, strands of cotton removed and tidying around appliqué to give clean lines.

Stage 7 – The Final Product

The cushion covers are then pressed, have a temporary filler placed in them for photographing. The filler is then removed and the cover placed in storage until it is sold.

You may wonder why temporary fillers are used. This is because they take a beating putting them in and out of different covers and being pummelled into place for the photograph. So keeping a few fillers just for photographs allows every cushion that is dispatched to have a brand new filler placed in it ready for its new home.

All the fillers are solid to me a hypoallergenic, however are I can not guarantee all the fabrics I use area hypoallergenic, so I do not market them as such.

What’s coming over the next few months….

  • Summer knitting ideas start to make an appearance
  • More designer cushions and bespoke ideas
  • With lockdown from Covid-19 starting to relax, people are thinking of getting those special family event caught up on so I’ll be looking at how my products can enhance your special Christening, Wedding, Birthday or family get together.

Don’t forget to follow me in Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, alternativly join my mailing list for update and offers. Use the links at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for taking a look at my update and site.

Deb (The Dizzy Tyke)

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What’s New ….

Well its been a while since the last post, due to Covid this area of the business has taken a back seat. But as the world is reopening and spring is in the air a new regular feature to the web site will be posts.

Although I do have different platforms I sell on coming direct to the maker is always preferential. To celebrate this use the coupon code DIRECT10 to get a 10% discount on all cushions until the end of March 2021.

The range of cushions avayalbe is constantly evolving and changing. Evolving because customers request designs that once developed are prefect to join the selection and changing because the materials available for cushions and appliqué is never constant. This is because I source my fabrics from excess stock and end of line, meaning that its always new fabric but often repurposed.

Here are a few recently added. Including the new kid on the block the rear view of the ever popular Defender.

New additions to the range of knitting patterns has also taken a back seat through this unusual year…but this amazing ladies cardigan is in the final stages of pattern checking. The Fladbury should be released in time for Easter. Follow me on Instagram for updates and discount codes.

Many thanks for viewing my update and I look forward to seeing you in Instagram.

Deb (The Dizzy Tyke)

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How to make button loops….

Knitted buttons loops allow you to easily add to the edge of knitting without interfering with the cast on or off.

Here at Dizzy Tyke Designs we use them a lot on sleep sacks to stop corners flapping around. Have a look at the Martley, Abberley and Honeybourne sleep sacks

They look great when finished and are not complicated or difficult to make. Have a practice on the edge of an old bit of knitting or even fabric as consistency is the key to a professional finish.

Identify where you want the edges of the loop, then using a tapestry needle attach yarn so there are 2 thickness.

Thread the needle through the work from back to front, where you want the second edge of the loop to be. The long stitch should be slightly bigger than the button diameter.

Pass the needle through the long loop from front to back, then pass the needle through the small loop, then pull firmly but not excessively. This creates a stitch around the long loop.

Keep repeating the needle going through the long loop from front to back, then pass the needle through the small loop, until all of the long loop is covered. By keep the firm pull consistent you will get a neat edge. but not excessively. This creates a stitch around the long loop.

Once the long loop is all covered, pass the thread back through a few stitches to secure and allow the end to be hidden when cut.

Thanks for taking a look at my update and site.

Deb (The Dizzy Tyke)

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Bespoke Orders

Bespoke orders

Don’t forget here at Dizzy Tyke Designs , I can work with you to come up with personal and imaginative designs for that special gift.
All the cushion designs at Dizzy Tyke Designs are exclusive to my label and shipping is worldwide.

This pair of cushions were a special something for a cycling loving couple. The mirror images cyclists and bikes were colour coded to suit the couples kit.
This bird and flower design with a hint of skull, was commissioned as a gift for an ageing rock chick who now lives in a country cottage.

Both of the above designs will be making an appearance on the for sale page soon, but if you are desperate to get one early drop me a line, using the link at the bottom of the page..

Astley Beret

The Astley Beret is designed to fit a 6 to 12 month old child. Its knitted flat and has no complex stitches.

The tassel creates a fun finishing touch and the instructions on how to make it are below.

How to Create at Tassel

What you need (A) Yarn, Cardboard, Scissors and a darning needle

  1. (B) Cut piece of cardboard template 5” wide, (C) Wrap yarn around cardboard 15  times.
  2. (C)Thread tapestry needle with yarn, pass between yarn and template, tie round yarn snugly. 
  3. (D) Thread tapestry needle with of yarn and wrap around tassel 6–10 times, snugly. Then pass through the center of the tassel and out of the head. 
  4. (E) Remove from cardboard and Cut ends of yarn .
  5. (F) Trim tassel ends evenly if necessary.
  6. Attach to desired location .

What’s coming over the next few months….

  • Christmas decorations start to make an appearance
  • More designer cushions and bespoke ideas
  • More bridge are looking for that special something to show off their rings and make their wedding album a bit different, so a new range of ring cushions will be here before the Autumn.

Don’t forget to join my mailing list for update and offers.

Thanks for taking a look at my update and site.

Deb (The Dizzy Tyke)

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Early July Update

The WESTON Cardigan released last week is proving a big hit. The clean lines and easy construction makes it an ideal go to patten for any occasion. I have has a number of enquires about the cape clasp on this design and will be starting to stock them in the next few weeks once my suppliers are fully working after lockdown.

For those wanting to purchase a finished WESTON Cardigan.

I am now taking orders for commissioned work. drop me a line of the size and colour combination and I will be happy to provide you with a price and timeline for supply.

What’s coming over the next few months…..

My update later in July will have a link to this cute Beret Pattern and for the first 2 weeks it will be FREE on my web site. so why not make sure you get a copy and join my mailing list to find out when its released.Displayed here on my cute sheep manakin, its designed to fit up to approx 2 years old. Knitted flat in 4ply, there is one simple seam down the back.

Watch out for the Astley release date.

Thanks for taking a look at my update and site.

Deb (The Dizzy Tyke)

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Weston and Bearwood

Bearwood Vest – NEW FREE PATTERN

An any season smart vest finishes any ensemble, for boys or girls. Knitted flat this simple but striking design would suit any baby and make a perfect baby shower gift. 

The small feature breast pocket adds detail without being complicated. 

To fit 18” to 24” (46-61cm) chest with finished size having approx 2” (50mm) positive ease.

Sample shown is knitted in Snuggly Snowflake.

A great addition to the Bearwood Vest is a sew on pocket topper. These simple additions look great without overcomplicating the knitting pattern. Designed to be stitched in place they avoid the need for hot irons to attach them. there are 2 designs available at present with more in the pipeline.


Also released today is the WESTON Cardigan.

Knitted in Baby Aran, it has clean lines and can be knitted one solid colour or a striped option is included in the pattern instructions.

The front is fastened with either a clasp and hook or button and loop, so no working out which side you want the button holes on or worrying if you have them in the right place.

Work in knit and purl stitched, there are some short rows, that the pattern guides you through.

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Camper Vans Galore.

In anticipation of a limited Camper Van season starting soon, I’ve created a range of luxury cushions to suit any decor combination.

All edges of the cushion are salve edges or overlocked to prevent fraying. The appliqué itself has no raw edges, although this dramatically increases the stitch count of any design it gives not only stunning outlines, but also longer lasting finish.

Like many other items sold by Dizzy Tyke Designs, the materials are ethically sourced to not only prevent good new fabrics going to waste, but to nurse the best prices possible are passed onto customers.

This means there is a limited supply of each designs and or colour combination, but on a positive note you are getting an individually designed and hand made product made using exclusive designs created in my studio.

Here’s a quick sneak peak of the WESTON a new a pattern that will be released in early June as soon as I get it back from the final test a knitter is doing at present. This cute cardigan is Knitted in baby Aran and easy to create, there are no button holes but a simple toggled fastener.

Don’t forget my handy Needle Conversion Chart for US and UK sizes.

Join the mailing list to be amongst the first to get a copy.

What’s coming over the next few months…..

  • A FREE pattern for a child’s vest, with a front pocket, prefect for pocket toppers to change the season and theme with one sweater.
  • Hopefully a review of the Malvern Quilt show, COVID19 permitting.
  • A quick knit winter cowel pattern.
  • I’m looking to start a you tube channel with knitting and sewing tip, with particular help for left handed crafters.
  • Look forward to Christmas, quick trimmings to make and gifts to purchase

Later this week this eye catching Land Rover Discovery Design will be added to my cushion range. The VW Camper was such a hit Ive been working on this brand new design that is the perfect gift for anyone who loves everything ‘Landy ‘ .

Thanks for taking a look at my update and site.

Deb (The Dizzy Tyke)

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Stash Busting Times…

The relaxing of Lockdown may have started, but for many not much in life will change for a few weeks. As may small yarn suppliers have had limited opportunity to reach their customers, why not use patterns that need smaller amounts of a number of different yarns. This is an ideal way to bust some of your stash and get some colour combinations you may not otherwise have considered.

The Eastnor Scarf looks very different in these blues and greens compared to the original Christmas colours.

If your having trouble getting just the right buttons for your project. Why not check out my new Range of Buttons, they come in a variety of shapes and colours.

2 years ago I was enjoying a cruise around Norway, Iceland, Faroe and Shetland Isle, where I met a group on an organised craft holiday. With yarns and fabrics available in every port and enough downtime to knit the Madresfield Shawl.
Covid 19 has devastated the live craft show program for this year, along with the craft cruises and crafting holiday breaks many had planned. Many artisan shows have took the bull by the horns and had online virtual shows, getting the crafting commuting chatting, buying and keeping motivated and active, both physically and looking after there mental health in these trying times. This surge in online contact and community sprit has been reflected in communities across the country during these unprecedented times.

Just before lockdown, I was so lucky to have spent a day foraging for fabric, this has kept me busy, expanding my cushion range. Some are available on Etsy, but the full range are on my site And if you buy direct you’ll get the best prices. These beauties (except the brown van…sorry that sold as soon as I posted a picture on Instagram), will soon be on my site.

Many Thanks for Visiting and having a look at my update.

Deb (The Dizzy Tyke)

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Lockdown Spring Clean….

The unexpected imposed lockdown due to COVID19 has provided me with an opportunity to spring clean and refurbish Dizzy Tyke Designs web site. So what will you see differently….

  • The home page now not only has quick links to the latest information posts, but also has direct links to the latest Instagram and Twitter feed.
  • Store front – quick links to different sections of the site.
  • Checkout – This is where you will see the biggest changes, with a customer friendly checkout process.
  • Post and Package – is now free in the UK and for anywhere outside the UK the checkout will work out the best price for your purchases dependant on your location and basket content.
  • Knitting patterns – PDF’s are downloadable immediately on completion of purchase, for you to print and use.
  • Cushions – An easier to navigate pages to view goods , with all the materials and product information in a consistent format.
  • Haberdashery – A growing range of products linked to the patterns to help you achieve a professional finish to your crafting.

So why not join my mailing list to get the latest site releases, special offers and discount code.

Many Thanks

Deb the ‘Dizzy Tyke’

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